Siddique Ismail

Reham Ker Reham Ker Mare Moula

Reham Ker Reham Ker Mare Moula
“Siddique Ismail” is the narrater of this album. This is his 2nd vol, which he released in 2009. His most famous naat is “Halima Lori Deti Hai” is also in Enaats collection of mp3 naats. In Enaats there are many Best mp3 naats like “Main Toofan Main Dooba”and “Maa Tu Maa Hai” which you can Listen and Download.

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Lailaha IllAllah

Halima Lori Deti Hai

Madine Kafilay Jatay

Main Toofan Main Dooba

Na Kahin Se Door

Duniya Te Aaya Koi

Moula Ali ( Manqabat )

Maa Tu Maa Hai

Raham Kar Raham Kar Meray Moula

Album Title: Reham Ker Reham Ker Mare Moula

Naat   Khawan : Siddique ismail.

Format: AUDIO MP3

Release Date: 2009

Total Kalam in Album:9


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