Farhan Ali Qadri

Aa Gaya Sarkar

Aa Gaya Sarkar
‘Aa Gaya Sarkar’ Naat Album was released in year 2011 by Naat Khawan Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri in Mp3 format. You can listen to and download mp3 naats online. In his Album the Naat Khawan praises the beloved Prophet (PBUH). He seeks the pleasure of God by sending blessings and glorifying the last Messenger of Allah. Enaats online portal provides complete collection of Farhan Ali Qadri naats in audio mp3 format.

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Aa gaye sarkar

Banke sahil madine

Lagyan ne moja

Madine mein yeh

Mitho naalo muhammad jo

Na ho aaram jis bimar

Naseeba khol de mera

Rab ne diya hai unko

Zamin meli nahin hoti

Details of the album are given below.

Album Title: ‘Aa Gaya Sarkar’

Naat Khawan: Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri

Album Released By: MF Stereo

Format: MP3

Date: 2011-01-01

Total Kalam In Album: 9

Status: Released

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